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The 137 Simulation Variables


The 137 Global Variables

The listed 137 variables are the basis for the algorithms behind the simulation engine and the heart of Rolesia.com. Macroeconomics is not a perfect science and many economists have discussed many different market theories which are often very controversial. Rolesia.com is macroeconomic modelling software and exemplifies and attempts with a virtual economy to harmonize the vast quantity of variables into a framework. Customers, who disagree with the simulation engine logic have the opportunity to use the simulation logic and adapt it according to their own theories and market logic. We offer the Framework version for customers wishing to customize the software - the frontend, the framework, the algorithms, the variables.

Below please find all global (external from the simulation's perspective) and national (internal market) variables.

# International Variables (6)

US Inflation
US Interest Rates
US Average Wage
World GDP
World Wage

# National Variables I (69)

Child Population
Adult Population
Pension Population
USD Reserves
EUR Reserves
Gold Reserves
Oil Reserves
Absolute Deficit (Billions EUR)

Business Wage Demands
Current Average Wage
Industry Sentiment
Consumer Sentiment
Business Confidence
Vehicle Ownership
USD Currency Price
Oil Price

Petrol Price
Gold Price
Industrial Export Quota
Commodity Index
Public Deficit (GDP)
Budget Balance
Housing Starts
Housing Price Index
Interest Rates
Income Tax

Corporate Tax
Capital Gains Tax
Property Tax
Public Services
Petrol Tax
Child Support
Pension Insurance
Social Security
Weekly Working Hours

National Subsidies
Public Investment
EU Subsidies
World Subsidies
Your Rolesia.com Score
Poll Trends
Stockmarket Index
Investment Indicator
Money Supply (M3)
Real Income

Wages Increases
Trade Balance
10 Year T-Bond
30 Year Morgage Rate
3 Month Libor Rate
Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)
TED Spread (3 Month)
Government Average Debt Rate
Investor Average Rate Demand

Agency Ratings (%)
Gini coefficient
National Innovation Index
Retirement Age
Active Working Population (%)
Primary Surplus/Deficit
Government R&D
FED QE Bond Assets
FED Total Assets

# National Variables II (48)

US/National Wage Ratio
National Absolute Consumption
Petrol Production Price
Budget Revenues (Income Tax)
Budget Revenues (Corporate Tax)
Budget Revenues (Capital Gains Tax)
Budget Revenues (Property Tax)
Budget Revenues (Pension Insurance Tax)
Budget Revenues (Interest Tax)
Budget Revenues (Petrol Tax)

Budget Revenues (VAT)
Budget Revenues (Total)
Budget Expenses (Pensions)
Budget Expenses (Unemployment)
Budget Expenses (Child Support)
Budget Expenses (Public Services)
Budget Expenses (Debt Payments)
Budget Expenses (National Subsidies)
Budget Expenses (Public Investment)
Budget Expenses (Government R&D)

Budget Expenses (EU Subsidies)
Budget Expenses (World Subsidies)
Budget Expenses (Total)
Debt Ratio (Natl. Expenses)
Investor Interest Rate Demands
Financial Sector Growth
Industry & Services Sector Growth
Commerce & Retail Sector Growth
Hosuing Sector Growth
Automotive Sector Growth

Real Interest Rate (-Inf.)
Cumulative GDP
Cumulative Inflation
National Saving Rate
Absolute Savings (EUR)
Absolute Private Credit (EUR)
Private Credit/Wage Development
Absolute Public+Private Credit (EUR)
Public+Private Credit/Savings Ratio
Private Credit Change (Y/Y)

Bankrupty Levels (% of companies)
Credit Default Levels (% of outstanding credit)
Absolute GDP (EUR)
House Valuation
Pension Insurance Break Even (%)
Global Effect on IBI
Reserves Effect on USD$ Price
Consumer Sentiment Change (Y/Y)

#Further National Variables (14)

Income p.a.(gross)
Income p.a.(net)
Pension p.m.
Unemployment p.m.
Petrol (retail)
Car Consumption
World/National Wage Ratio
Analysts Stock Market Fair Value
Consumer Price Inflation
Energy & Commodities Inflation

Money & Asset Inflation
Wage Inflation
Imports Inflation
Total Federal Reserves Assets

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