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Rolesia.com Professional

Rolesia.com Web Professional

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This is web version of the Rolesia software for simulators wanting to use the platform for entertainment or training purposes. Economic results can only be achieved through the soundness of a player/trainee’s economic policy. The aim, apart from learning to steer an economy and understand macroeconomics.

Apart from the challenges posed by the ups and downs of global economies, you, as President, will also have to satisfy the population of your country and make unbiased decisions in order to attempt to balance between the interests of the industry and business world and those of the general population.

You will have to meet the needs of your country’s business and industrial community, as well as fulfil all the criteria for entry into the Euro Zone in 1999. Every 4 years you will need to gain the vote of the overall population and get at least 50% of the votes.

If you lose the elections, fail to fulfill the Maastrich Criteria, lose control over your economy, your simulation will come to an end and your policies will become history.

There are two different versions of the Rolesia Web software: The professional version (paid version) and the FREE standard version.

Rolesia.com Web Professional (Paid Version) Product Description

The Rolesia WEB Professional is a paid version of the software. To cover our operational, development & licensing costs we need to charge a subscription fee (or lifetime fee). This paid version covers all features of the software:
+ Professional macroeconomic simulation
+ Virtual country with over 130 variables
+ US economy - standard and challenging levels
+ Multi-Device Frontend (PC, Tablets, Smartphones Beta)
+ HTML5 Smart Graphs (including multi graph benchmarks)
+ Market Area with stockmarket, rating agencies, debt market, ...
+ Budget Area to monitor your expenditure and revenues
+ World Markets & Currencies
+ Commodities
+ Central Bank & Reserves
+ Demographics
+ Analysts keeping an eye on you
+ The population that poll you yearly and vote for you every 4 years
+ Three simulations a year to correct policies
+ New exciting algorithms and variables: Quanititive Easing, GINI Coefficient, Agency Ratings, and many more.
+ And much more!

+ Further Premium features:

     - Access ALL Levels of Complexity (EASY - CHALLENGING - COMPLEX)
     - Access ALL US Economy Levels of Complexity (EASY - CHALLENGING)
     - Access ALL OPTIONS:

      * De-/Activation EU Option (Maastricht Criteria)
      * Advanced/Basic Viewing
      * De-/Activation Quantitative Easing
      * De-/Activation Randomized variables
      * De-/Activation Automated Interest Rates
      * Activation Central Bank/Budget Transfers
      * + More...

     - Multi-Graph Simulation
     - Trading Platform (to purchase currencies & commodities)
     - 3 X more points for Professional customers
     - Experience new features and variables first
     - Keep your points to compete with other Rolesia.com simulators

More advantages for Professional customers:

+ No advertisements
+ Unique teamname - your teamname will be yours and only yours for the entirety of the simulation
+ 24/7 e-mail support. You can also consult the forum
+ You are supporting the development of Rolesia.com, thank you!


Special 2021 Promotion!

50% Off with Promo Discount Code: ROLESIAPRO2021 (Limited Amount of Coupons available)

Professional Prices
Pro Version 3
1 Month
Pro Version 3
3 Months
Pro Version 3
6 Months
Pro Version 3
12 Months
Pro Version 3
Extended 36 months
4,99 €
Limited Offer with Promo Code ROLESIAPRO2021
12,48 €
Limited Offer with Promo Code ROLESIAPRO2021
19,99 €
Limited Offer with Promo Code ROLESIAPRO2021
29,99 €
Limited Offer with Promo Code ROLESIAPRO2021
39,98 €
Limited Offer with Promo Code ROLESIAPRO2021
9,99 €
Standard Price without Promo Code
24,99 €
Standard Price without Promo Code
39,99 €
Standard Price without Promo Code
59,99 €
Standard Price without Promo Code
79,99 €
Standard Price without Promo Code
Pro Extended 36 months Version
(Guaranteed 36 months availability of version 3)

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